Have you got moxy?

What even is moxy?

We were invited along to preview the moxy experience at Aberdeen Airports newest addition – the Moxy.


After asking Rachael, our long suffering friend and inside contact, for directions to the hotel we realised that we needn’t have worried. You could see the pink fluorescent sign from space. We pulled up to the modern, massive and very pink building and were immediately impressed by the “social area”. We were greeted with every single kind of quirky chair and gorgeous coffee table book you could imagine. The tables were scattered with boards games, colouring books and a super adorable typewriter. The vibe is very laid back and chilled out, the staff were mingling but without the “we are watching you” aura you get from most places.

We checked in and got our welcome cocktails. Naughty or nice option…we all went for naughty of course.  We went on to learn that compared to the rest of the cocktail menu this one was the least impressive.

We went up to find our bed for the night. The rooms are small but perfectly formed, everything was clean and sleek. The personality of the hotel really shone through with a cheeky personal message on the bathroom mirror.


After we ooh-ed and aah-ed we headed down for more cocktails and some food.

We were told that Moxy don’t do meals so the initial plan was to head across to the restaurant across the car park. However from our wanderings we found sandwiches, paninis and even a crock pot!  In the end it was decided we would stay and have some of the amazing lamb curry that was crock potting away.

We were plied with cocktails and I sampled some of the little gems on the menu. First up was a cheeky espresso martini to wake me up and boy did it work. We had been told to try the signature Moxy No.5 cocktails (prosecco, vodka and mango purée) unfortunately the bar had ran out of mango purée, but our lovely bar tender Rachael did an excellent “hack” with cranberry juice which definitely hit the spot. But it was the gin and tonic that really stood out for me.


The vibe was very social and we chatted away to other guests, swapping stories and relationship drama (nothing forms a stronger bond faster than a “not-boyfriend boyfriend situation”). After one too many cocktails we were whisked up to our rooms where we watched some form of chick flick with Rachel McAddams in it and fell blissfully asleep.

I woke up and waiting for the harsh light of morning to hit but it didn’t. The blackout curtains took care of that. We washed, dressed, I applied three times the usual amount of foundation to cover my tired skin from the night before and we headed down for breakfast.


There was the standard buffet of continental breakfast options, plus the most amazing cheese scones, ideal of soaking up the worst of hangovers. We sat and ate leisurely, the sun streaming in the plate glass windows. Chris nursed his coffee while I wrote an initial draft of this post. It was calm and serene, and definitely what we needed after the antics of the night before.

I still don’t really know what Moxy is, but if this is it…I love it.

Check it out: http://moxy-hotels.marriott.com

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