#atthemoxy – The Big Launch

Following our brilliant night the other week at the Moxy Hotel at Aberdeen Airport I was invited back to experience the official launch. Where me and my trusty partner, Chris, found out what Moxy really was and I got to attend my first ever hotel launch – tell me, do they all involve being covered head to toe in feathers?

We pulled up to the Moxy, we greeted by the signature pink light and the atmosphere was electric.  Everything was how we remembered but completely pimped out for the big night. Absolutely everything was Moxy-fied, and I helped myself to a freebie or two with no persuasion required.


Of course, our first stop was the bar to check out our cocktail options for the evening.  I went straight for the G&T while my other half sampled their Moxy Mojito. Both of which were equally delicious and boy did that Mojito pack a punch! We wandered around the social area taking in all the delights.  The sweetie bar was a personal favourite of mine.


While my boyfriend wandered dangerously close to the tattoo artist… yes that guy is getting #atthemoxy tattoo’d on him.  That is a serious level of job commitment!


There were human guestbooks, definitely one of the stranger things I’ve seen, but not the strangest of the night so far!


There were a variety of speeches from staff of Moxy’s other hotels (Berlin, Munich, Milan to name but a few – definitely added to my “to visit” list ) you can tell that the employees at the Moxy chains really believe in their brand and enjoy their job (one of them loves Moxy so much they got the ink to match!). We counted down from 10 to 1 and raised a glass with a mighty “Happy New Moxy”.

We were escorted upstairs by the lovely Rachael and explored the three “experience rooms” they had on show.

Room number one was filled with balloons – we were , however, devastated to learn that this was not a service Moxy offered to everyday guest (maybe an idea for the future guys!)


Room number two at first appeared to just be a couple of crew members hanging out but little did we know that these guys were actually an amazing talented duo from other European hotels who had flown out just to serenade us.  They did some brilliant takes on current songs and even did “Under the sea” from the little mermaid, while the singer yelled the chords out for the guitarist to play. (Yes, that’s a flamingo – because, you know, Moxy!)


Room number three was a riot – Hollister style models pillow fighting. Now pillow fights with models might sound utterly terrifying but they were so friendly!


We laughed and danced and pillow fought – the only fighting I condone! With our outfits thoroughly covered in feathers we headed back down stairs to sample the food on offer.  The only thing better than free drinks, in my humble opinion, is free food! We had the cutest little boxes of fish and chips.  But the pulled pork nachos really stole the show for me.

Just as we were polishing up our grub we heard the rumble of bag pipes and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers took to the floor. A treat for both the eyes and the ears.


We continued to explore and ended up in room two singing and chatting with the musicians.  After apologising to a very miffed taxi driver for making him wait while said our goodbyes and goodlucks we headed home, completely exhausted from our magical mystery night #atthemoxy.






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